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Let us sharpen you!

Bryne AB have systematically managed to create a new type of industrial education, where practical session are a significant part of the teaching and learning experience. We believe this creates a more superior learning opportunity which can be put in to immediate practical use by our customers.

The rapid daily challenges of the industrial and material manufacturing sectors, lead to the importance of transferring and updating knowledge to continuously develop the existing skills and expertise of the individuals. This sharing of knowledge is essential to stay up to date with changes, to maintain competency and meet the new demands of this sector.

Training Courses

The active cooperation between Bryne AB, the Swedish cast houses and the technical universities in the region, have resulted in the acknowledgement of a need to modify a new model of industrial and technical education.  Bryne academy training courses are tailored to meet this need. We aim to improve Bryne AB’s corporate identity by engaging the maximum number of internal and external resources to meet the needs of the industrial domain challenges, expanding and transferring knowledge.

Special tailored courses 

Bryne AB Academy also offer specially tailored courses in materials and industry. This program is the best choice to develop your human resources existing skills or to advance existing employees, enabling them to take a new more advanced role in the company within your time limit.

Bryne AB academy developed the idea of the special courses in response to market demand. With some many request for specific fundamental or advanced training we have developed our special course to meet the specific needs of individual firms. Our special course can be provided in private or in groups where the candidate skills are honed and the latest industrial researches is shared.

Forget about the cost and risk of a new employment. Here is the chance to develop your existing human assets. Bryne AB academy development and training courses guarantee a new practical experience and competitive knowledge.

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Marcus Anderson from SKF AB has fulfilled a course in “Applied casting technique” by Bryne Says:-

 "Excellent education that links the theory of theory in a good way in both aluminum and steel / iron alloys. Visiting the foundations was very rewarding, as you realized what really looks like and useful contacts could be created. Big addition was also the contact with Jönköping University, when you became updated on what is happening on the research front. "

Marcus Andersson, PhD

Metallic Material Specialist

Product Development & Engineering

SKF AB -  Sweden