Bryne AB introduce its  ground-breaking and patent-pending product LOOP.  It has been developed to bring quality improvements and costs reductions to the casting industry.

What is LOOP?

Loop is an innovative analyzing tool that increase your competitiveness simply and easily. It is a tool which does not require complex, difficult or expensive techniques and will significantly assist in controlling the production process. The results will be reflected in product quality, productivity and cost reduction in the casting of any liquid metal, whether required for one-off castings or to be used in line for a continuous process. LOOP can make a remarkable change to the production cost by reducing energy consumption, alloying costs and especially reduction of scrapped castings.  This all leads to improved competitiveness, greater customer satisfaction and increased profits.  All of this while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of your production process.

When & where to  use  LOOP?

Our tool ‘LOOP' can be used in the daily production of both small and large foundries. LOOP is a visual tool, that in an informative and convenient way, assists the operators in choosing the optimum conditions for quality and cost.  The recorded data can then lead to long-term practice improvements.

Our target is to assist by providing a simple method of confirming that conditions are optimized before and during the production process.


Today we meet increasing of demands on a combined formula between the high quality and less residues. We have several years of close cooperation with the Nordic foundry industry and found the need for an easy-to-use tool that can give a quick information on the liquid metal's quality.

As a combined package services to our product LOOP  

Bryne AB  offers a technical expertise, material analysis and personal training as a complete developing project at the client production site in order to assure the best changes that is possible to reach within the productivity, profitability and sustainability.