Bryne Engineering Office

Engineering office.

Our mechanical engineering services evolves from the client’s ideas, needs for development or request for solution.. Bryne AB’s mechanical engineering team then provide a complete bespoke service, starting from the advisory proposal through to execution of the engineering’s basic and detailed design. We are also able to produce shop drawings upon request (manufacturer drawings, bill of materials).

Upon request, Bryne AB’s commercial office can work with a range of subcontractors to offer a competitive supply services, as either a combined service to the engineering office or according to the client specification.

At Bryne AB’s technical center we can produce prototypes of your model. For simpler geometries, we can form and cast prototypes in our own facilities, but for more complicated details we have carefully selected partners that can ensure the right results. For serial production, we can advise you of how to find the right production method to fulfil your requirements.

If you are interested in adapting to new 3D-printing production concepts, Bryne AB have the knowledge and expertise to guide you. We can show you which techniques to use, assist you in thinking “3D-print” during the design phase of your product and how to maintain the benefits of 3D-printing after the concept phase and into production. We believe that 3D-printing can add values to new designs, but it is not usually a realistic solution for an old design.